A quick guide to high conversion landing pages

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A quick guide to high conversion landing pages

About the speaker
  • Chris Cheetham-West
    Chris Cheetham-West
    Founder & President at LR Training
    Chris formerly served in a position at Google where he helped market key products. Not only did his career take him to 48 states, but he also conducted presentations to teams in Germany, Canada, and France. Chris helps teams focus on what matters, by using the latest tools. Chris has worked with teams at brands such as: Lamar Advertising, Mercedes-Benz, and Canon. His business was recently awarded a grant from the Comcast Rise Investment Fund. Chris shares actionable ideas that attendees can use to make a difference in their brand’s success. He is the author of Digital Marketing for Results.

Key takeaways

Think about the type of website you have and why people should engage with it. Not all sites have the same purpose and it's important to figure out what your website is for.

To keep people coming back to your website, you need to draw attention to the action you want your audience to take.