Agile Innovation Series: Getting Started with Agile Learning

05 Nov 2021
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Agile Innovation Series: Getting Started with Agile Learning

Agile Innovation Series: Getting Started with Agile Learning

05 Nov 2021
About the speaker
  • Garsen Yap
    Garsen Yap
    Director, Business Model Innovation
    Garsen is a consumer driven marketing leader with a proven track record of success building brand equities, creating insight driven marketing campaigns and innovative new products. Garsen started his career in top consumer packaged goods companies such as Procter & Gamble and SC Johnson working in the US, Canada and globally. He also has deep consumer healthcare experience on well loved consumer brands (Centrum, ChapStick, Crest, Windex, Pledge and Swiffer) as well as regulated pharmaceutical brands (Advil, Celebrex, Lyrica and Viagra). Most recently, he has been pioneering Agile Learning at GAF where he is charged with creating disruptive new businesses and unlocking new opportunities for growth. Garsen is also very passionate about leadership development. He has founded Asian Colleague Resource groups in multiple companies and has received national recognition for several unique Asian leadership programs at Pfizer.

Key takeaways

Don’t get overly focused on governance. Get just enough internal advocacy to ensure support and provide air cover.

Pick a project where you can be decisive, pivot quickly while having room to make mistakes.

Focus the team on the essential questions to answer, the critical assumptions to test and what must be true for this idea to work.

Be willing to abandon concepts and iterate quickly. That will help you find the right path and de-risk over time.

Nurture a team of Agile Learners so you can figure this out together and build momentum.