26 Oct 2021
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26 Oct 2021
About the speakers
  • Ben Nichols
    Ben Nichols
    Head of Product at Directlink
    Nichols leads the Product and Technology departments at Directlink by IMS. He has over a decade of experience building data-driven software for both large financial institutions and SaaS startups.
  • Mark Vanderpool
    Mark Vanderpool
    President at Directlink
    Vanderpool is a leader and team builder with Enterprise, Channel and On-Demand / SaaS success,. In addition to true operational experience, he has extensive experience with Omni-Channel Communications.

Key takeaways

HQ: Syracuse, New York

Founded: 2021

Product demoed: The Directlink Portal makes it simple for teams to be able to build, modify, deploy and iterate on the process of customer service. The AI-powered conversational banking platform helps to create an automated customer service response to avoid missing customer service opportunities.