ebankIT: Omnichannel digital banking

26 Oct 2021
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ebankIT: Omnichannel digital banking

26 Oct 2021
About the speakers
  • Ana Luisa Silva
    Ana Luisa Silva
    Head of Marketing at ebankIT
    Ana Luisa is Head of Marketing at ebankIT
  • Dan Killey
    Dan Killey
    VP Customer Engagement at ebankIT
    Over 20 years of experience in shaping technology, a proven passion for digital, growing teams and delivering value to customers. Recognised ability to adapt and flourish in a highly dynamic and changing environment. Dedicated problem solver and quick learner with proven record of delivering great customer service. Consistent reputation for delivering mission critical services.

Key takeaways

HQ: London, England

Founded: 2014

Product demoed: An Omni-channel Digital Banking Platform that delivers digital experiences to financial institutions and their clients through ebankIT's personalisation tools, customer onboarding, campaign management, analytics, and monitoring. The platform helps financial institutions track all campaign and business configurations and understand impressions, engagement and performance.