Empowering rail operations with Artificial Intelligence

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Empowering rail operations with Artificial Intelligence

About the speaker
  • Mark is the Chief Technology Officer for 4AI systems, a subsidiary company of the 4Tel Group. He's worked with 4Tel for the last two decades as it's general manager being responsible for the delivery of major projects, customer management, and managing sub divisional teams. Mark has been the key project delivery manager most recently for Transdev Sydney Ferries, TATA Chemicals Magadi Ltd, Newcastle Light Rail, and Transport for NSW Port Botany OPMS, to name a few. During his tenure, he has also been a critical component to the successful delivery to the NSW Country Regional Network (CRN), as well as the Research and Development activities of the company.

Key takeaways

HORUS demonstrates the power of AI in rail, improving safety through train sensors, providing real-time information to drivers, and ensuring alertness in adverse conditions.

AI allows rail organisations to relocate operations away from tracks, enhancing safety for maintenance teams, and allowing maintenance to be performed at depots.

The biggest challenge investing in AI is believing in it's safety and reliability to improve the performance of rail.