How does crypto fit into the new world monetary order?

23 May 2022
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How does crypto fit into the new world monetary order?

How does crypto fit into the new world monetary order?

23 May 2022
About the speaker
  • Alpesh Doshi
    Alpesh Doshi
    Founder and CEO at Fintricity
    Alpesh's is an innovative and creative thinker and delivery focused entrepreneur enabled by new technologies and business models. His career started over 20 years ago within the financial services industry, and he now also works in telecoms and media and entertainment. He helps businesses map business problems to new technologies, bridging the gap between the business and IT. He has worked with large corporate clients around innovation, strategy and advisory, architecture, and delivery of big data and analytics. A founder of Fintricity, the company specialises in helping enterprises leverage big data and analytics solutions and technology and cloud. He also works to help deliver the promise of Blockchain, data and AI. Fintricity also works in Digital Transformation and its application within companies to transform how they engage and transact with their customers and transform their internal way of working using social platforms. Alpesh is an innovative and dynamic thought leader and Entrepreneur in how organisations can transform and future-proof their business using emerging technologies, particularly around Blockchain digital, big data & analytics. He is focused on innovative thinking and practical strategies, to add value for his clients fast and often, introducing the agile approach of working to digital transformation. Alpesh became involved in Blockchain over 3 years ago after learning about Ethereum. He blends business strategy and implementation of decentralized models with the technology background on how to leverage their capabilities. He runs Fintricity, a consulting, research, and ventures company.

Key takeaways

The invention of crypto has been a significant innovation in the last decade.

In the next 10-20 years, crypto will be used for almost all transactions as it becomes reliable and controllable.