Investor insights: A booming landscape in 2022

21 Apr 2022
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Investor insights: A booming landscape in 2022

Investor insights: A booming landscape in 2022

21 Apr 2022
About the speaker
  • İhsan Elgin
    İhsan Elgin
    CEO at Finberg
    İhsan Elgin is a business model strategist. He is currently a board member at İş Girişim - Private Equity, and Finberg - Corporate Venture Capital. He is also founder and partner at Core Strateji, a strategy firm that specialises in entrepreneurial transformation at leading companies. He is co-founder of Startups.Watch (Turkey’s first and only early stage market analysis platform) & FinTech İstanbul (leading organisation in the financial technology sector). İhsan founded Climateminder, an agri-tech startup and sold it in the USA. Before that, he held senior positions at Aygaz A.S., Turkey’s leading energy company. İhsan teaches courses on “Business Model Strategy & Innovation”, “Corporate Start-up Engagement” and “Lean Start-up Management” at Ozyegin University, where he is an entrepreneur-in-residence. He also has several angel investments in fintech and retailtech.

Key takeaways

After 2022/23, money limitations will be coming but so will more fintechs.

Banking systems are changing. Fintechs will be there to fill in the gaps.

Two big investment areas are Web3.0-related services and vertical financial tech solutions.

Investors want simple onboarding processes from companies that can react quickly to changing consumer behaviours.

Raise money fast in 2022, next year will be challenging.