The difference between Leadership and Leadering

28 Jun 2021
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The difference between Leadership and Leadering

The difference between Leadership and Leadering

28 Jun 2021
About the speaker
  • Nancy Giordano
    Nancy Giordano
    Founder at Big Play, Inc
    Nancy is a strategic futurist, author, founder of Play Big Inc, keynote speaker, and is recognised as one of the world’s leading female futurists. She helps organisations to perform to the best of their abilities, whilst building the foundation for a thriving future. Currently, Nancy is working to ensure the survival of community banks and credit unions whilst working closely with a provider at the forefront of the Fintech industry. As Founder of Play Big Inc, Nancy helps to inspire new thinking, drive meaningful change and guide those ready to design a more relevant future. Play Big Inc thrives at encouraging larger enterprises towards progressive business growth strategies. Nancy helps work towards the advancing societal structures that will affect future technology innovations. She is also the first global TEDx licensee, a board member for a non-profit trade organisation, a frequent panellist at South by Southwest, a global keynote speaker and a guest lecturer at Singularity University.

Key takeaways

"Leadership is a construct that was designed to ensure short term profitibality"

"Leadering encourages long term sustainable value creation, innovation and much faster learning cycles"