Understanding Gen Z in consumer research

17 Jan 2022
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Understanding Gen Z in consumer research

17 Jan 2022
About the speaker
  • Anastasia Pelot
    Anastasia Pelot
    Content & Marketing Manager at Ypulse
    Anastasia Pelot is a content specialist, podcast host, writer and Gen Z/Millennial expert. As YPulse’s Content & Marketing Coordinator, she analyses trends in data and creates social and video content to reach clients and help them learn how best to reach Gen Z and Millennials. She is a former third-culture kid working and living in New York. Born in Kenya, Anastasia lived in Greece, Germany, Syria, Lebanon, and Denver before moving to NYC in December 2019.

Key takeaways

Understanding Gen Z's values and staying transparent about business values is essential to get their attention.

Gen Z's want to see themselves represented in an authentic way

Check-in more often with audiences like Gen Z to identify changes that happen quickly

Companies involvement with mental health discussions will be seen more often moving forward