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Dave Hermantin

Senior VP of Renewable Heating and Cooling at Brightcore Energy

Dave has worked as a designer and construction administrator since 2003. Dave holds a BS and ME in civil and environmental engineering from Manhattan College and is a licensed professional engineer in NY, CT, NJ, and RI. With years of experience designing open loop, closed loop, and standing column well geothermal systems, he has designed thousands of tons of geothermal capacity in NY, New England as well as other areas in the United States. He is responsible for designing geothermal well systems on NYC landmark projects such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Cornell Bloomberg Roosevelt Island. Dave is an American Energy Engineer (AEE), Certified Geoexchange Designer (CGD) and International Groundsource Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) certified Geothermal System Installation Inspector. He is a past President of the CT Geothermal Heat Pump Association and previously held a chairman position of the technology committee of Yale’s Renewable Thermal Alliance.
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