3 Steps to Driving Digital Transformation

22 Jun 2021
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3 Steps to Driving Digital Transformation

22 Jun 2021
About the speaker
  • Priscilla Beal
    Priscilla Beal
    Global Head of Partnerships at Bayer
    As Global Head of Partnerships for Bayer IT, Priscilla Beal's focus is innovation and collaboration with startups, strategic partners and digital thought leaders. Her goal is to deliver new business models, products and strategies for Bayer's patients, consumers and farmers. She says she is "passionate about connecting people who can advance or improve the human condition through partnerships".

Key takeaways

Digital transformation isn't about profits and sales but more about empowering people around the world to create a better standard of living.

Education and training initiatives assist employees and businesses to understand and implement new technologies in their working lives to create new solutions.