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Account takeovers: How do you approach this challenge?

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Account takeovers: How do you approach this challenge?

About the speaker
  • Alex Melton
    Alex Melton
    Technical Product Manager at Fingerprint
    Alex is a Technical Product Manager at Fingerprint, a Series B, global, remote-first company, building the world’s most accurate device identifier. His day-to-day activities involve focusing on the developer experience, ensuring smooth onboarding, and providing Fingerprint customers with a world-class installation and integration experience.Previously, he was a Product Manager at Etsy, working within their Marketplace Services organization. During his tenure, he focused on buyer purchase protection, supporting over $10 billion in transactions annually, and improving the services experience for over 7 million sellers.Alex holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Statistics from The George Washington University. He lives in the Hudson Valley with his wife and their dog, Tiki the Corgi.

Key takeaways

Alex Melton’s experience as a victim of an account takeover

Fingerprint’s approach to account takeovers and identification solutions