Addressing the crisis of emotional wellbeing in the workplace

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Addressing the crisis of emotional wellbeing in the workplace

About the speaker
  • Sara Boueri
    Sara Boueri
    VP of People and Culture at CAFU Petroleum
    An accomplished HR leader with over 15 years of experience in the logistics, construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, tourism, and hospitality sectors across local, multinational and government organizations. She's recognized for pioneering innovative HR practices, championing employee well-being, and earning global HR leadership accolades, including being the top 50 HR leaders in the Middle East. Sara's goal is to investigate the purpose behind existing practices to ensure they suit current workforce interests, and to create an equitable work environment. Her initiatives have garnered widespread acclaim and recognition, however her proudest accolade is being voted the organization’s best leader, 3 years in a row, by her customers, the employees.

Key takeaways

In today's 'always-on' world, it is no surprise that employees find it hard to disconnect from work.

Managers must normalise employees having rough days if they are to create a comfortable and safe working environment.

Employees need to set better boundaries between themselves and their work.