Advancing healthcare access on Inclusivity and Disability

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Advancing healthcare access on Inclusivity and Disability

About the speaker
  • Emma Gierschick OAM
    Emma Gierschick OAM
    Order of Australia l AFR 100 Women of Influence l Woman of the Year
    Emma Gierschick is a beacon of resilience and advocacy. Overcoming family violence, breast cancer, and the challenges of parenting her daughter Amelia with Down syndrome, Emma's experiences have forged her into a nationally recognized advocate. At the forefront of her mission is ensuring children with disabilities and trauma receive sensitive and informed care within the healthcare system.

Key takeaways

Decision-makers, policymakers, and governments should actively seek, listen to, and act on feedback.

Firsthand experiences make individuals with disabilities experts in understanding their own needs.

Individuals with disabilities want personalized communication, not to be talked over.