AI through the noise: Beyond the hype

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AI through the noise: Beyond the hype

About the speakers
  • Paul Hindle
    Paul Hindle
    Editor at FinTech Futures
    Paul Hindle is Editor at FinTech Futures. He has over seven years' experience in editorial, production and management roles for print and online publishing companies. He was previously News Editor for a global financial technology news start-up and has overseen the production and publication of over 500 books for two market-leading academic and technology publishing houses.
  • Dr. Martin Goodson
    Dr. Martin Goodson
    CEO at Evolution A
    Martin is a former Oxford University scientific researcher and has led AI research at several organisations. In 2019, he was elected Chair of the Data Science and AI Section of the Royal Statistical Society, the membership group which represents professional data scientists in the UK.
  • Michael Conway
    Michael Conway
    Executive Partner, Data, AI and Technology Transformation Service Line Leader at IBM
    Michael is an Executive Partner in IBM Consulting responsible for the Data, AI and Technology Transformation Service Line in the UK and Ireland. This incorporates all the practices of AI & Analytics, Automation, Data Services, Edge/IOT, Microsoft Business Apps and Promontory Financial Group. He is accountable for Service Line strategy, execution and growth and focuses on ensuring that IBMers can build great careers, whilst delivering great outcomes for our clients with new and emerging technology across all sectors and industries. His personal area of professional focus is in the Financial Services industry where his depth of experience resides in delivering cutting edge Data and AI solutions for our clients. Michael is particularly interested in the intersect of personalising experiences for customers in a highly regulated environment with novel uses of technology. Blog:

Key takeaways

How are banks and fintech's currently leveraging AI to solve real-world problems?

What are the benefits of AI for your business and your customers?

What are the misconceptions about AI in financial services?

What challenges exist in implementing AI and how can businesses keep up with the rate of change?

What are the negatives of AI in financial services?

What exciting new applications for AI can we expect in financial services?

What does the future hold for the technology and what impact could it have on the industry?