Banking on a better future: The road to 2050

02 Feb 2023
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Banking on a better future: The road to 2050

02 Feb 2023
About the speaker
  • Jason MacDuff
    Jason MacDuff
    President at greenpenny
    Having risen through the ranks of a national bank, Jason MacDuff is now happy to be working closer to his values at greenpenny, and living (part-time, at least) close to family in Iowa. He recently joined greenpenny after taking a break from career to travel. It was in Antarctica and South American Patagonia, Amazon, and Galapagos Islands where he gained insight from environmental scientists and researchers on the effects of climate change. It’s clear the world needs real solutions to reduce and recapture carbon from the atmosphere now, and Jason came home committed to putting his financial services’ experience to use. Jason and greenpenny believe in the importance of using your money as your voice for fiscal and environmental advocacy. And we want to do our part to build a better world by putting the power in the hands of our customers and partners – this is where it begins.

Key takeaways

Banks are involved in a whole range of industries that are going to have to decarbonise.

Scope three emissions pose the biggest challenge to banks on the road to net zero.

As carbon intensive industries shrink and consumer behaviours change, so will banks' investment behaviours change.