Be a better multi-generational leader

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Be a better multi-generational leader

About the speaker
  • Katja Rieger
    Katja Rieger
    Founder Ripple Effect and Non Executive Board Member at Swiss Re Insurance-Linked Investment Management AG
    Following a successful international career at GE and Swiss Re, I founded my own company and offer Consulting & Training to align strategy and culture. My experience allows me to create credible and sustainable change, inspiring leadership and productive environments, that are great to work at. I have lived & worked on 3+ continents. I know how to use the powerful impact of purpose, culture and leadership to achieve challenging goals even in volatile ambiguous situations. Risk is daily business for executives and boards. I help create the environment and the structure how to make the best decisions, that take both short-term opportunities and longterm sustainability into account. Future of Work, ESG, Neurodiversity and supporting change for meaningful causes, are the topics that I drive. Striving towards an environment, where our humanity makes us successful together, is my vision.

Key takeaways

Making space for cultural exchanges, relationships, and connections between generations is a natural productivity boost.

The tone from the top is powerful. Examples from the c-suite and the board are essential to reshaping the company's mindset for the better.

If a change of behaviour regarding new generation's values does not get on the boardroom agenda, companies face risks that cannot be easily mitigated when it's too late.