CStore1: Asia-Pacific’s first floating carbon capture hub

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CStore1: Asia-Pacific’s first floating carbon capture hub

About the speaker
  • Daein Cha
    Daein Cha
    Managing Director at DeepC Store
    With over 20 years of oil and gas work experience, Daein specialises in LNG major capital project management, LNG business development and LNG procurement and trading. He joined Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd in 1998 and has since served roles of increasing responsibilities including Manager of LNG procurement & trading, and Manager of LNG upstream business development.

Key takeaways

DeepC Store is securing up to 15 million tons of CO2 offtake from Japan and engaging with international suppliers for their CCS projects in Australia.

The CStore1 project has a 3 million tons per annum CO2 injection capacity, focusing on innovative low-pressure and temperature liquefied CO2 transportation technology.

DeepC Store faces challenges in policy support and social acceptance in Australia but aims to commercialize its first project by 2030.