Can we assign monetary values to social impact?

10 Nov 2023
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Can we assign monetary values to social impact?

10 Nov 2023
About the speaker
  • Rebecca Roebuck
    Rebecca Roebuck
    Managing Director at Social Impax
    Rebecca Roebuck is a social impact advisor with a particular focus on supporting the infrastructure, energy and resource sectors to improve and measure their social impact. She also consults regularly to government and international development organizations. Her experience spans over 23 years, with a career encompassing government, infrastructure operations, and consulting roles. Rebecca holds several postgraduate qualifications and has completed executive education at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government as well as at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Rebecca’s business, Social Impax (working in partnership with another consultancy, Think Impact), has been supporting Lendlease with its global social value capture since 2020. This has involved annual assessments to measure progress towards Lendlease’s target of creating $250million in social value by 2025.

Key takeaways

The definition of social impact is the effects, outcomes and consequences people, community or environment experience from change.

Measuring social impact involves evaluating outcomes and valuing them. Social Value International methodologies are common.

It is important to consider the perspectives of communiites who suffer impact when assigning value to social impact.

Impact measurement shows value for nonprofits, ESG companies, and investors.