Catering to the underbanked & the underfunded

24 Nov 2021
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Catering to the underbanked & the underfunded

Catering to the underbanked & the underfunded

24 Nov 2021
About the speaker
  • Castleigh Johnson
    Castleigh Johnson
    CEO at My Home Pathway
    Mr. Castleigh Johnson is currently the Founder and CEO of My Home Pathway, a financial technology firm that helps mortgage companies turn rejected mortgage applicants into qualified mortgage applicants through proprietary algorithms and customer engagement programs. Previously the Founder and CEO of Trifigo, a financial technology firm that has developed a more engaging and effective way to improve financial behaviors, by focusing on providing knowledge and incentives that align to improve credit scores and financial outcomes. Mr. Johnson has over 15 years of professional experience prior to starting his own firm, in various roles within Risk Management, Operations, Consulting, Bank Supervision and Corporate Sales. He has worked with some of the largest domestic and international financial service institutions, including Goldman Sachs, Ernst & Young, AIG, Bank of Montreal and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In his previous corporate role at Bank of Montreal as the US Model Governance Director, Mr. Johnson oversaw the implementation of the US Model Governance standards for the domestic entities as well as the remediation of Federal Reserve and OCC outstanding regulatory findings. Mr. Johnson is an alum of the Inroads Internship program as well as a Fellowship recipient for the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, Bunton Waller, JP Morgan Investment Banking Summer Associate program. Mr. Johnson received his Bachelor of Science in Management and International Business from Penn State University and his MBA with concentrations in Finance and Accounting from New York University. Featured in Forbes magazine, Housing Wire and Driven Society podcasts, NYU and Babson Black Alumni Conferences, Fashion Institute of Technology and NYU Student Financial Literacy Guest Speaker.

Key takeaways

Ensuring customers understand personal finance and offering ways to improve credit scores is equally important.

More than a responsibility, companies have the opportunity to generate tax revenue, broaden the economy, and drive growth when creating equitable access.

Partnerships focused on meeting the user's necessities play an important part in offering equitable access to the underfunded.