Climate resilience: Can we prepare for a better future?

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Climate resilience: Can we prepare for a better future?

About the speaker
  • Heidi Roop
    Heidi Roop
    Director at University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership
    Dr. Heidi Roop is the Director of the University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership and an Assistant Professor of Climate Science and Extension Specialist at the University of Minnesota. Her research and Extension programs combine cutting-edge climate science and effective science communication to increase the use and integration of climate change information in decision-making at a range of scales—from city and state to national and international levels. Her climate science research takes her around the world from Antarctica to California to the shores of Lake Superior. Her recent science communication efforts were focused on her book, The Climate Action Handbook, which outlines in a highly visual format, everyday ways we can contribute to collective and individual climate solutions. In addition to her appointments at the University of Minnesota, she also is an Affiliate Assistant Professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Washington.

Key takeaways

Climate resilience refers to the capacity to prepare, counter and recover from climate-related events.

Nearly all sectors and industries need to consider climate resilience as part of risk management, looking at human, social and economic systems, as well as landscapes and the built environment.

Examples such as the Seattle's stormwater infrastructure show that building physical and social resilience structures with future crises in mind are more effective in the long term than simply building for the present risk level.

The world's most disadvantaged groups are often those most affected by climate change. To build resilience effectively their views and lived experiences must be heard and included.