Creating a route map for city decarbonization

26 Sep 2023
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Creating a route map for city decarbonization

Creating a route map for city decarbonization

26 Sep 2023
About the speakers
  • Angelica	Ospina
    Angelica Ospina
    Technical Director at Colombia Green Building Council
    With more than 15 years of experience and a great passion for generating relevant contributions to Colombia and the planet, Angélica has been one of the main leaders in the adoption of sustainable construction practices and integrated project management in Colombia. She is one of the founders of the Colombia Green Building Council (CCCS) and is currently the Technical Director of this organization.
  • Hilari Varnadore
    Hilari Varnadore
    Vice President for Cities at U.S. Green Building Council
    Hilari brings more than two decades of experience in public administration and nonprofit leadership to her role as VP for Cities at USGBC. Based in Tucson, Hilari is invested in helping cities, towns and counties use data to drive decision-making, investments and community improvements that are more sustainable, equitable and resilient. Her approach to sustainability is holistic and rooted in the triple bottom line. Hilari supports local governments around the world engaged in sustainability reporting and accountability. She heads up USGBC's LEED for Cities program, which includes administering the Local Government Leadership Program. She holds a Master’s of Arts degree from Northern Arizona University in Geography with an emphasis in Community Planning and a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Unity College of Maine in Environmental Policy.
  • Lourdes Salinas
    Lourdes Salinas
    Founder at THREE Consultoria Medioambiental
    Lourdes Salinas has been involved in the Green Building industry since 2006 and has worked in internationally recognized firms and projects in U.S.A., Australia, Southeast Asia, and Mexico. She has specialized in performing analyzes, investigations and providing environmental consultancy from small low-income housing buildings to large infrastructure projects such as Airports, Hospitals, and Stadiums. She is the Founder and Director of THREE Environmental Consulting, a firm specializing in technology based environmental consulting, with over 140 projects in various countries, and which have certified more than 70 LEED projects. She is a LEED Accredited Professional since 2008, a LEED Fellow since 2019, and forms part of the LEED Steering Committee. In 2019, she participated at U.N. developing commitments aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals for entrepreneurs.
  • Cesar Trevino
    Cesar Trevino
    CEO & Founder at Bioconstruccion & Energia Alternativa (BEA)
    Ulises is an impassioned and committed sustainable building professional. Founding President of MexicoGBC. Instrumental in the introduction of LEED into Mexico and Latin America. First accredited LEED AP and LEED Fellow in Latin America; achieving first LEED Gold & Platinum certified projects in the region. Since 2000, Ulises became a tenacious advocate and promoter for the business case of green buildings, organizing international congresses, speaker in numerous conferences and events in Mexico, United States, South America, Europe and Asia. In 2011, was honored with the Chairman's Award by the WorldGBC, for his 7 years of service as General Secretary, Treasurer and Board Member. In 2018, received the first ‘Green Leadership Award’ in Mexico, from the USGBC. Participated in a myriad of public and private initiatives, fostering improved regulatory frameworks and financial incentives for smart cities and sustainable building/housing, recently including the 1st ‘LEED for Cities’ certification in Latin America.

Key takeaways

- Demonstrate a deep understanding of the elements and levers required to kick-start a local roadmap for Zero Carbon Buildings.

- Exemplify how the LEED for Cities v4.1 certification can help advance the local decarbonization agenda for the built environment.

- Apply the benefits and the performance data generated by LEED for Cities v4.1 certification process into a city-level decarbonisation pathway.

- Identify LEED-drawn sustainable strategies that may assist cities worldwide achieve their own decarbonisation targets.