Getting “the fine grain” of precincts right

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Getting “the fine grain” of precincts right

About the speaker
  • Andrew Hoyne
    Andrew Hoyne
    Founder & Principal at Hoyne
    Andrew Hoyne is the Founder and Principal of Place VisioningTM, Place Branding and Property Marketing agency Hoyne. Andrew consults to major Australian, New Zealand and international asset owners, developers and local councils to create recognisable landmarks and destinations across Australasia. These projects range from residential towers and master-planned communities to commercial developments, new mixed-use precincts, and even cities.

Key takeaways

Place visioning and place branding are distinct concepts that serve different purposes in creating successful destinations.

Place visioning involves creating a long-term vision for a place that is grounded in its unique identity and community values.

Place branding involves creating a marketable identity for a place that appeals to a target audience and drives economic growth.

Precincts are important because they serve as hubs for economic activity, cultural exchange, and community interaction."