Does Gen AI deserve intellectual property rights?

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Does Gen AI deserve intellectual property rights?

About the speaker
  • Enrico Bonadio
    Enrico Bonadio
    Reader at City University of London
    Enrico Bonadio is Reader at City, University of London. He teaches, lectures and advises in the field of intellectual property (IP) law. His current research agenda focuses on – inter alia – the intersection between IP and technology as well as copyright protection of non-conventional forms of creativity. He has attracted funds from a variety of institutions, including the European Commission, Australian Research Council, UK Research and Innovation, UK Economic and Social Research Council, and the UK Higher Education Innovation Funding. He is also Deputy Editor in Chief of the European Journal of Risk Regulation. Enrico has been delivering classes and talks in more than 120 universities and institutions spanning six continents. He is Distinguished Guest Professor at Keio University (Tokyo) as well as Visiting Professor at Université Catholique de Lyon, University of Ankara (Turkey) and several other institutions. He has been Visiting Scholar at the University of Melbourne (2013), CUNY Law School (New York, 2016), University of Tel Aviv (2018 and 2019) and Hokkaido University (2019). Enrico frequently appears in the media as an IP expert. His research has been covered by CNN, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Washington Post, New York Times, Reuters, South China Morning Post, BBC, Times, Guardian, Independent, Associated Press, El País and The Conversation, amongst other media outlets.

Key takeaways

Copyright laws in the UK differ from US law.

"If we give too much protection to output created by machines, we might discourage human ingenuity."

The act of seeking IP rights for AI has already seen the inside of a courtroom, thanks to the DABUS case.