Enhancing healthcare workforce recruitment and retention

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Enhancing healthcare workforce recruitment and retention

About the speaker
  • Dr Hassan Kadous
    Dr Hassan Kadous
    Principal Allied Health Advisor at NSW Ministry of Health
    Dr Hassan Kadous is a health professional passionate about system transformation and health system equity. He studied Exercise Physiology & Physiotherapy at Sydney University and has completed a Doctorate of Health Business Administration focusing on the needs of CALD Communities. His career spans clinical leadership, facility, district and statewide project and team management. He has successfully led attaining a $34 million allied health workforce investment from NSW Government and lead the NSW Health Airport response during COVID. He currently leads the Allied Health Portfolio at the NSW Health Workforce Branch, focusing on the pipeline, current and future workforces.

Key takeaways

Ensuring that employees feel invested in and have opportunities for personal and professional growth is crucial for staff retention.

Building a strong organizational culture and a compelling employee value proposition are essential in attracting and retaining talent in the competitive healthcare market.

Implementing a variety of incentives can effectively address challenges in recruitment and retention.