ESG disclosures: Everything you need to know to get started

29 Nov 2023
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ESG disclosures: Everything you need to know to get started

29 Nov 2023
About the speaker
  • Fulya Kocak
    Fulya Kocak
    Sustainability Thought Leader at Fulya Kocak LLC
    Fulya Kocak helps leaders in various industries, including real estate and construction, close gaps in ESG talent and performance. She provides corporate training, advisory, speaking, and educational courses focused on moving entire sectors, organizations and individuals from "Inspiration to Impact." Kocak is a multiple award-winning sustainability thought leader, educator, and author. A pioneer of the green building and ESG movement, her experience spans over two decades as a change agent and subject matter expert in real estate, design, and construction. As the former SVP of ESG issues for Nareit, the national association representing real estate investment trusts in the U.S., she provided guidance and innovation for the REIT industry's ESG leadership. She gained deep insights into the latest ESG developments, including reporting frameworks and priority topics like climate change and social justice.

Key takeaways

ESG disclosures are a form of strategic communication that need to be targeted, concise and wholly verified.

It is important to think about the motivation behind disclosing ESG efforts when selecting which framework, standard or tool to use.

New concerns about greenwashing and policy implementations are making ESG disclosing more time-consuming.