Fintech trends: low & no-code solutions

20 Dec 2021
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Fintech trends: low & no-code solutions

Fintech trends: low & no-code solutions

20 Dec 2021
About the speaker
  • Greg Palmer
    Greg Palmer
    Vice President at Finovate
    Greg Palmer has more than a decade of fintech experience working for Finovate, a fast-paced, demo-first showcase of the latest innovations and ideas in financial and banking technology. Greg is Finovate’s resident MC, hosting Finovate’s live events, podcast, and video pieces. He’s also an accomplished public speaking and demo coach. These experiences have given Greg a unique bird’s-eye-view of the fintech industry as it has come to prominence. He’s seen thousands of demos and interviewed countless industry experts, watching not only individual innovations as they gain traction, but also the high-level trends that have shaped the industry. While he sometimes serves as a “fintech translator,” taking ideas and language from inside fintech and making it accessible to those “outside the bubble,” Greg’s true passion lies in pushing financial service providers to do more for the people all over the world who need new technologies to create a brighter financial future for themselves. A more diverse, inclusive, resilient financial ecosystem benefits everyone, and there’s nothing Greg likes more than providing a platform and a spotlight for fintech’s innovators and dreamers.

Key takeaways

Companies are actively looking for end-to-end solutions, but there is still a lot to be done to get people the access to the tools they need.

Financial institutions are the customers tech companies need to take into account when building solutions.

No-code and low-code solutions are essential for financial institutions that don’t have robust development teams.