Have new ways of working solved the working parent dilemma?

13 Feb 2023
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Have new ways of working solved the working parent dilemma?

13 Feb 2023
About the speaker
  • Christine Armstrong
    Christine Armstrong
    Researcher, Author and Advisor on the Future of Work
    Christine Armstrong is a writer and consultant specialising in the future of work, workplaces, leadership and company communication. She is the author of The Mother of All Jobs: How to Have Children and a Career and Stay Sane(ish). She also co-founded the communications consultancy Jericho Chambers and now leads her own consultancy helping businesses to operate in an uncertain, disrupted world. In her book, The Mother of All Jobs, Christine looks at the social and economic pressures of being a working-mother, the cost of childcare and how parenting and work compete with each other. She draws on her own experience as a working mother, as well as extensive research and the personal accounts of women in senior executive positions, and debunks some of the myths around motherhood and family-work-life-balance, and reveals the culturally ingrained hostility towards mothers in the corporate world.

Key takeaways

New ways of working have finally caught up to the decline of the breadwinner model.

Being honest about your ambitions and priorities is key to building the right boundaries around work-life balance.

Think about your household as one unit to avoid unnecessary complexity.