How Gen AI is transforming HR

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How Gen AI is transforming HR

About the speaker
  • Frederik Haentjens
    Frederik Haentjens
    CEO at Get Design Thinking
    I am a Digital Innovation & Organizational Transformation Consultant across various companies. With over 20 years of specialist expertise, I have honed my skills in Disruptive Innovation, Organizational Design & Development(ODD), Organizational Agility, Workforce Planning, People Analytics, and Digital Transformation. I also help Middle Eastern, African and Asian organizations in the public and private sectors to achieve their business challenges. In partnership with Informa ME, he has conducted Innovation courses for STC Saudi, ADNOC Abu Dhabi, TAWAL, ROSHN, EMAAR, SAR, and Etisalat.

Key takeaways

Generative AI can create entirely new content, such as essays or job descriptions that have not previously existed.

Utilising avatars to humanise existing content increases engagement and makes learning more appealing.