How to achieve sustainable HR in the age of AI

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How to achieve sustainable HR in the age of AI

About the speaker
  • Brad Boyson
    Brad Boyson
    Co-Founder and CEO at HR Learn In
    Brad Boyson is co-founder and CEO of HR Learn In, a full-service boutique human capital consultancy based in Dubai, UAE. As a practitioner he has led HR teams on every inhabited continent and as a consultant he has delivered advisory services to governments and some of the world’s largest organizations. A graduate of three business school programs, 7 professional qualifications earned, he is the current convenor for ISO 30414 Human Capital Reporting and the vice chair for Standards Canada Human Resource management mirror committee.

Key takeaways

"AI isn't going to take your job. Someone using AI effectively will."

Sustainable HR introduces common universal metrics for global HR use.

Any transactional processes will become automatable through AI. Focus on human-intensive processes and optimise that.