How to build a fintech that tackles wealth inequality

18 Jun 2021
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How to build a fintech that tackles wealth inequality

18 Jun 2021
About the speaker
  • Viola Llewelyn
    Viola Llewelyn
    President & Co-Founder at Ovamba Solutions
    Viola Llewellyn is the co-founder and President of Ovamba Solutions, Inc. ( Ovamba is an award winning African “TradeTech” company that creates culturally attuned technologies for Financial Institutions so that they can serve formal and informal African SMEs in the trade & commodities sectors with short term capital and financial inclusion. Ovamba’s solutions combine innovative Sharia compliant structures with eCommerce, logistics services, and technology to drive financial inclusion and promote growth. Ms. Llewellyn oversees technology development, strategic implementation, investor communications, and global business development for Ovamba.

Key takeaways

Lots of money is being sent but being stored away with 0 investment value which is slowing the economic climb of Africa.

Lending money is not the way Ovamba operates and aims to build up digital and physical solution to "create generational wealth for Africans without getting into debt"

Inclusive to Muslim followers with ethical borrowing following Sharia law

Large issues with trust in banks and communicating finances so Ovamba creates a process including less paperwork and more streamlined service to solve this problem