How to craft killer headlines

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How to craft killer headlines

About the speaker
  • Brianne Dromey
    Brianne Dromey
    Lead Copywriter at One Led Inc
    A marketing enthusiast who knows her way around a spreadsheet, Brianne has collected years of certifications and experience in digital marketing for clients like Lenovo, Western Union and SteelSeries. From an in-house marketing team to freelancing in web design and content strategy, she now guides her team as Lead Copywriter at One Net Inc where she positions global companies to slay the competition. If she’s not laying out content strategies for clients, she’s likely roaming the backcountry on Vancouver Island looking for hidden ferns or exploring obscure peaks.

Key takeaways

Write in an organised way. Use frameworks to structure your creation.

Leave your inner critics in the attic, and remember not to judge until the final stage.