How to make financial services accessible for underserved communities

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How to make financial services accessible for underserved communities

About the speaker
  •  Ben Maxim
    Ben Maxim
    Chief Digital Strategy & Innovation Officer at MSU Federal Credit Union
    I joined MSU Federal Credit Union in 2007 and currently serve in a dual role as Chief Digital Strategy and Innovation Officer for MSUFCU and as Chief Technology Officer for MSUFCU’s wholly-owned CUSO Reseda Group and its subsidiaries. I am responsible for assessing emerging business trends and technologies, providing strategic direction for existing and future digital channels, and facilitating innovation throughout the Credit Union including leading their innovation center The Lab at MSUFCU. I am also responsible for the technology and product pillars of Reseda Group and its subsidiaries including Spave a financial wholeness fintech and Ever Green 3C a financial education and consulting CUSO. I received my bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and a professional certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Stanford University. I am currently going through Wave 17 of Filene's i3 Innovation Leadership Program. Honored to be selected as the 2022 Technologist of the Year by Finopotamus.

Key takeaways

Key business and tech trends to pay attention to

How to reach and connect with underserved communities

The role of decentralised finance in making financial services more accessible