How to retain women in the later career years

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How to retain women in the later career years

About the speaker
  • Ghenwa Habbal
    Ghenwa Habbal
    Regional Talent Management Lead - MENA at Ford Middle East & Africa
    Ghenwa is a Global HR, Talent Management, and Workplace Culture professional and advisor, a certified Brain-Based and Resilience Coach, a Co-Author of the book “Shaken Stirred But Deterred”, a jury member and a Judge serving a few organizations across EMEA on HR, Culture and Talent Management topics, a Keynote Speaker, an MSc holder in Business Psychology with coaching, and an award-winning Best Influential Coach and recognized as Asia’s Top 100 Women Power Leaders, her career spans two decades of working to advance start-ups and Fortune 500 companies by applying leading strategies from my “Navigating VUCA” insights, leadership, change management, and human-centric organizational cultures. Ghenwa has been featured on TV talking about Women in Leadership while Navigating VUCA and has been also a regular feature, at renowned HR summits in the UAE, on various strategic Talent Management topics and recently started publishing her articles on leadership, self-development, diversity and inclusivity, culture, and functional synergies for business success at NEXUS via LinkedIn and other business magazines. A highly engaging keynote speaker, conducting hundreds of workshops globally within Ford each year.

Key takeaways

Understanding and accommodating the work-life balance needs of team members, especially women, is crucial.

Organisations need good support policies, including flexible working arrangements and childcare support to retain diverse talent.

Leaders should adopt empathetic leadership, creating environments where women can thrive or risk losing them to companies that do.