How to turbocharge your customer segmentation with AI

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How to turbocharge your customer segmentation with AI

About the speaker
  • Guan Wang
    Guan Wang
    Senior Director, Marketing Intelligence at Snowflake
    Guan is an empathetic builder. He leads the global diverse Marketing Intelligence team at Snowflake to disrupt the aged B2B marketing analytics practices. He is passionate about building high performance teams to impact business results, driving growth strategy based on insights, as well as delivering best-in-class customer experience in the cloud computing industry. He has about 15 years of revenue, strategy, operations, and analytics experience across the full customer lifecycle (marketing, sales, and customer success) in high-growth startup and fortune 500 companies. Guan holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Information Systems and Operations Management, and completed accelerated training in AI/ML and leadership development. In addition, he serves as an Advisor to technology startups, a Limited Partner at Stage 2 Capital Catalyst, as well as a volunteer for Asian American community, including the MJAA Mentorship Program, where he currently serves as the Program Chair.

Key takeaways

Understanding your audience allows for personalised content and messaging.

This data-driven approach facilitates delivering the right content and messaging at the opportune moment.

Curating large datasets is far easier with the help of AI.