HR Taboos: Are female leaders really the best sponsors for female employees?

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HR Taboos: Are female leaders really the best sponsors for female employees?

About the speakers
  • Dipti Rane
    Dipti Rane
    CEO at Talent At Work
    Dipti Rane is an exemplary HR and Associations industry leader with a proven track record of driving organisational success through strategic partnerships and innovative HR solutions. Passionate about fostering an inclusive and engaging workplace culture that empowers individuals and fuels business growth. Adept at aligning HR strategies with overarching business objectives to achieve sustainable results
  • Gaelle Lahad
    Gaelle Lahad
    CEO at Talent At Work
    Gaelle Lahad is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the education and training industry. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership in forging strategic alliances and partnerships with governmental entities across the MENASA region. Gaelle specialises in designing and implementing comprehensive advisory and capability-building solutions for clients in both the private and public sectors.

Key takeaways

If the leadership does not change with the velocity of a company's growth, nothing would make that change happen.

Technology is a tool that can enhance workplace efficiency and communication. It requires employees to adapt and up-skill.

Leadership skills aren't strictly tied to gender. Issues like discrimination and challenges among women leaders impact workplace culture.