Hydrogen in Transportation: driving towards a greener future

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Hydrogen in Transportation: driving towards a greener future

About the speaker
  • Scott Nargar
    Scott Nargar
    Manager of Hyundai Future Mobility & Government Relations at Hyundai Motor Company Australia
    Scott has over two decades of experience in the motor industry in technical, media, product planning and technology advocacy roles. At NRMA Scott worked in vehicle inspection, judging and writing on Australia’s Best Cars Awards and as a member of the Technical Working Group with the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). For the last 12 years Scott has been working for Hyundai Motor Company Australia in senior technical management, product planning, environment and Government engagement policy roles. Scott leads the company’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle project and future mobility programs. Scott was the co-founder of the Australian Hydrogen Council and was a Member of the Board of Directors. As a passionate proponent of vehicle safety, renewable transport and autonomous vehicle technology, Scott has engaged with many levels of Federal and State Government, as well as policy and academic experts and key industry partners around the world.

Key takeaways

Hydrogen fuel cells offer fast refueling and long-distance capabilities, equivalent to internal combustion engines.

Minimal moving parts in hydrogen fuel cells lead to lower wear and tear and operating costs.

Education, perception change, competition, and government support are essential for global adoption of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and infrastructure