Innovate precincts - creating vibrant community hubs

23 Nov 2022Healthcare
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Innovate precincts - creating vibrant community hubs

23 Nov 2022Healthcare
About the speaker
  • Brooke Griffin
    Brooke Griffin
    Executive Director at Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct
    A skilled, strategic leader, Brooke has more than two decades of experience driving strategic transformation through integrated change management, planning and performance monitoring across the higher education sector in Australia and the UK. In her current position as inaugural Executive Director of the Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct (RHIP), Brooke leads a collaborative precinct partnership that brings together world-class education, research and healthcare organisations to address real-world problems in an integrated environment. Prior to her role at the Precinct, Brooke held several senior positions at UNSW that saw her lead the emerging industry of Strategic Health, Education and Innovation Precincts, in addition to holding Faculty Executive Director positions in the Law and Business schools. Notably, Brooke also led the Operational Excellence Portfolio that implemented a new shared services model at the University.

Key takeaways

Randwick Precinct is founded on cohesive partnerships, beginning at the executive level.

A well-defined strategy and set of objectives, has provided a clear path for executing Randwick precinct plans.

To ensure the implementation of effective strategies on the ground, a platform for collaboration between different precincts and their networks should be established.