Is ChatGPT the end of text analytics?

09 Jun 2023
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Is ChatGPT the end of text analytics?

09 Jun 2023
About the speaker
  • Piers Alington
    Piers Alington
    Founder and Consultant at Alington Consulting
    Founder, Piers Alington, takes on the role as consultant at his company Alington Consulting Ltd. For 20+ years Piers was co-founder and CEO of a pioneering text analysis technology firm – Feedback Ferret. Over that time, he has helped clients to develop powerful text analytics solutions and to get real value from this insight. Piers is equally at home with developing strategies, data management, hands-on system usage, insight analysis, deep dive reporting, presenting to staff at every level - and more. Now as an independent consultant, Piers helps clients, from those who are just starting out with feedback and text analytics, to more established users who want to get better value from their existing programmes.

Key takeaways

Text analysis and ChatGPT both largely use the same kind of AI.

ChatGPT and text analysis have different ways of interacting with data - for now.