Is the new relaxed climate regulation bad for business?

28 Mar 2024
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Is the new relaxed climate regulation bad for business?

28 Mar 2024
About the speaker
  • Cara Williams
    Cara Williams
    Global ESG Strategy Lead, Wealth Management and Multinational Client Lead for Wealth at Mercer
    Cara Williams, Senior Partner, is ESG Strategy Leader for Mercer. Located in London, Cara leads the program of work to articulate and amplify Mercer’s ESG value proposition and positioning, embed sustainability in the journey to a bright future, and drive highly-practical, relevant and value-added outcomes both internally and externally. Cara oversees the Mercer’s Private Wealth businesses in Canada and India, and also works with Mercer’s multinational clients to deliver the best of Mercer’s broad Wealth solutions to assure positive financial outcomes for organizations and their employees. Cara presents regularly on global ESG, sustainability, diversity and investment trends. With over 25 years of experience in the investment industry, Cara began at Mercer’s investment consulting business as Global COO in April 2005. Cara began her career in finance as a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch in New York. Prior to working in the investment industry, she was responsible for budgets and logistics for US Army and NATO MWR deployments. Cara is an active mentor for external programs and internal colleagues supporting and promoting women and people of color in their careers. She is member of the Board of Directors of The German School of London. Cara graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a BA, and from The University of Hartford with an MBA in Finance.

Key takeaways

Climate regulations are essential to push corporations to report on climate impact, as voluntary reporting is challenging.

The initial proposal of CSRD as well as SEC climate disclosure rules were too strict and gave corporations little time to get the full supply chain visibility required.

Corporations focused on sustainability will continue improving disclosures regardless of regulation, as it brings more benefits than disadvantages