Local Law 97- the Pathway to a Carbon-Neutral New York City

28 Sep 2023
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Local Law 97- the Pathway to a Carbon-Neutral New York City

Local Law 97- the Pathway to a Carbon-Neutral New York City

28 Sep 2023
About the speakers
  • Gina Bocra
    Gina Bocra
    Chief Sustainability Officer at NYC Department of Buildings
    Gina Bocra, RA, LEED Fellow, is Chief Sustainability Officer at the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB). She brings over two decades of experience in sustainable design. Prior to joining the DOB team, Gina spent 16 years as a Director of Sustainability in the private sector where she led or consulted on nearly five dozen LEED registered or certified projects. She continuously volunteered with the US Green Building Council (USGBC) for twenty years, She has also volunteered with the Alliance for National and Community Resilience, the American Institute of Architects, and ASHRAE. At the Department of Buildings, Gina leads a DOB team of specialists charged with developing procedures to enforce the Energy Code, Sustainability Enforcement, and most recently implementation of LL97. She supports development of the New York City Building Code to accommodate advances in sustainability. She also serves as the Chair of the Local Law 97 Advisory Board.
  • Chris Halfnight
    Chris Halfnight
    Senior Director, Research and Policy at Urban Green Council
    Chris leads Urban Green’s Research and Policy team, overseeing data analysis, green building research and policy advocacy to advance energy efficiency and building decarbonization in New York City and State. Chris was appointed by Mayor Adams to the NYC Sustainability Advisory Board and by the NYC Department of Buildings to the Local Law 97 Advisory Board's Carbon Accounting Working Group. Chris co-led Urban Green’s Going Electric study on electrification retrofits in multifamily housing. He was also Vice Chair of and managed the 80x50 Buildings Partnership, a 70-expert convening to shape NYC's groundbreaking Local Law 97. Prior to Urban Green, Chris was an attorney at Shearman & Sterling LLP and worked on energy policy initiatives for groups including the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy and NRDC. He holds a B.A. and J.D. from McGill University and a Master's in energy policy from the Yale School of the Environment.
  • Adam Hinge
    Adam Hinge
    Managing Director at Sustainable Energy Partnerships
    Adam Hinge manages Sustainable Energy Partnerships, a New York based consultancy providing energy efficiency program and policy advisory services to governments, large energy consumers and suppliers, and research and multilateral organizations around the world. He is involved with a variety of efforts working toward improving building energy performance around the globally including several international efforts to share international best practices on building energy efficiency policies and programs. Adam is active in several energy and environmental professional organizations, including being Board Chair of the Institute for Market Transformation, has served as Board Chair of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, a Fellow of ASHRAE, and has been both an Adjunct Research Scholar, and Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of International and Public Affairs.
  • Laurie D. Kerr
    Laurie D. Kerr
    Principal Climate Advisor at U.S. Green Building Council
    Laurie Kerr is an architect and the Principal Climate Advisor for the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and the President of LK Policy Lab. At USGBC, she is helping to reshape LEED to drive the building sector toward a decarbonized future that is resilient, equitable, and healthy. And at LK Policy Lab she has developed an intensive class on retrofitting existing buildings to meet New York’s ground-breaking carbon reduction law. Under Mayor Bloomberg in New York, she pioneered the development of the world’s first comprehensive energy policies addressing existing buildings, and she launched the greening of New York City’s codes, zoning, and regulations. At NRDC, she founded the City Energy Project which is assisting 35 leading American cities in adopting policies like New York’s. Her awards include the USGBC’s 2018 Leadership Award, AIANY’s Public Architect Award, and Fellowship in the American Institute of Architects. She holds degrees in architecture, engineering, and applied physics.

Key takeaways

- Upon completion, participants will be able to explain the primary building blocks of a Building Performance Standard and can provide examples of common metrics used to measure compliance.

- Upon completion, participants will be able to describe the basic framework and timeline of Local Law 97 in comparison to decarbonization policies of other major US cities.

- Upon completion, participants will be able to describe common co-benefits to carbon reduction that cities will experience through implementing a building performance standard.

- Upon completion, participants will be able to identify common challenges of implementing a Building Performance Standard and can provide examples of strategies employed by New York to improve compliance.