Make AI work smarter for your employee rewards programs

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Make AI work smarter for your employee rewards programs

About the speaker
  • Mrigank Tripathi
    Mrigank Tripathi
    Chief Growth Officer at PeopleStrong
    Strategy Consultant turned Digital entrepreneur turned Growth leader. Focused on the SaaS ecosystem. Experience of starting a new venture ($0-$2Mn ARR) as well as executing for growth in larger more established ventures (>$10Mn ARR). Serial entrepreneur with two exits. Have a background in Startups, Sales and Operations, Entrepreneurship, Strategy consulting & building out process and teams to support growth. I am an Advanced PADI certified Scuba diver, read, play squash, swim, trek, enjoy movies and invest in companies that I believe I can help build out & mentor fellow entrepreneurs. Specialties: All things #growth, SaaS, Sales, Marketing, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Strategy consulting, Team building, Organization building, General Management, Technology, Fund raising.

Key takeaways

With the dawn of AI, rewards will no longer be thought of as a standardised function within HR.

Personalising reward packages using AI has various benefits including improving retention levels.