From leader to ally: Supporting the women of Afghanistan

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From leader to ally: Supporting the women of Afghanistan

About the speaker
  •  Laura Deitz
    Laura Deitz
    Co-Founder and Chief of Strategy at Task Force Nyx
    Laura has over 18 years of experience in global humanitarian relief, international development, and refugee response, working with international partners including the US Agency for International Development, the World Bank Group, and the International Rescue Committee. For the last seven years, Laura has served on the leadership team and board of a US public charity, scaling its single country mission to global operations in over 12 countries. Laura is the Co-Founder and Chief of Strategy of Task Force Nyx, responsible for strategic partnerships and outreach. Laura also serves on the Investor Relations team of a $5Bn private investment office. She lives in London, UK with her husband and four daughters and is a tireless women’s rights, refugee rights, and Autism advocate and ally.

Key takeaways

Being calm, reassuring, and offering clear guidance is vital to foster a sense of togetherness and support.

Confidence in the face of challenges and a belief that solutions exist through a series of informed decisions is crucial.

Apply relevant past experiences to draw upon resources and resilience when facing a crisis situation.