Navigating the Ethical Landscape of AI in Healthcare

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Navigating the Ethical Landscape of AI in Healthcare

About the speaker
  • Dr. Andrew Hallahan
    Dr. Andrew Hallahan
    Executive Director at Sydney Local Health District
    Andrew is the Executive Director Medical Services, Clinical Governance and Risk for Sydney LHD. Prior to this he was the EDMS for Children’s Health Queensland from 2016-2020. Andrew trained as a paediatrician in Sydney then further specialised as a paediatric oncologist with a fellowship at Seattle Children’s and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre. He returned to Australia in 2005 to be the Director of Blood and Marrow Transplant for the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane with an associated research program. Andrew completed RACMA training in 2018 and his work has evolved over time to be focused on patient safety and quality improvement, human-technology interfaces and complexity in health systems.

Key takeaways

Patient and staff safety is the utmost priority, with a low tolerance for any compromise.

AI is introduced cautiously with a structured approach to ensure safety and trust.

Collaboration between clinicians and AI experts, are essential for successful AI implementation in healthcare.