One thing I can change: Become an energy-efficient business

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One thing I can change: Become an energy-efficient business

About the speaker
  • Anthony Kinslow
    Anthony Kinslow
    Founder and CEO at Gemini Energy Solutions
    Anthony Kinslow is the Founder and CEO of Gemini Energy Solutions and a lecturer at Stanford University. With a PhD in energy efficiency, Kinslow is driving positive change in the energy industry with his innovative approach, helping businesses obtain energy audits and start on their own journey to efficiency.

Key takeaways

Becoming energy-efficient is all about reducing overall energy usage whilst maintaining or improving business performance. In turn, money is saved through lower energy consumption and diminished operation and maintenance costs.

Taking an energy audit is the best place to start becoming more energy-efficient as a business. They assess where investment would be most effective and some can help in applying for a loan or financing to carry out such changes.

Becoming an energy-efficient business should be an ongoing process, requiring consistent evaluation and adaptation to save the maximum amount of energy and money.