One woman’s mission to inspire a love of veg in a generation

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One woman’s mission to inspire a love of veg in a generation

About the speaker
  • Amber Stott
    Amber Stott
    Founder, CEO & Chief Food Genius at Food Literacy Center
    Amber Stott is a food activist and author. She created the nonprofit Food Literacy Center to inspire kids to do the impossible: eat their vegetables. Her advocacy efforts successfully launched a statewide California resolution declaring every September as Food Literacy Awareness Month. Thanks to Stott’s action, California’s 13th largest school district (out of 1,000) built students a zero-net energy cooking school based on her design. Her work has been lauded by Chef Jaime Oliver, Chef Alice Waters, and Food Tank. Her organisation was named Nonprofit of the Year, and California’s Department of Public Health named it one of the state’s top innovators in early childhood health interventions.

Key takeaways

Realising the impact of partnerships to provide students with fresh, healthy meals proves that private initiative efforts are essential for the success of initiatives like this.

More than a healthy and nutrition education program, the Food Literacy Center can be a model for systemic change in other school districts around the US and the world.

Community-led, district-supported efforts in education can lead to positive economic and social outcomes.