Onshore and offshore wind: lessons for the future

15 Nov 2022
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Onshore and offshore wind: lessons for the future

15 Nov 2022
About the speaker
  • Auret has more than 20 years’ experience working as technical transaction advisor on wind, solar PV, hydropower, and other renewable energy projects. Over his career, he’s helped deliver more than 30 individual wind projects – and many more on a portfolio basis – with a total installed capacity of more than 20GW. His experience covers all phases of the project development lifecycle from conceptualization, through to detail design, construction and commissioning, with the bulk of his work over the last 10 years in acquisition or lender’s technical advisory. Additionally, Auret has played key roles in construction, O&M and power purchase agreement negotiations. During project delivery, Auret focuses on minimising investor risk by finding technical, contractual, and financial risk mitigation options.

Key takeaways

Onshore lessons are critical when developing offshore wind particularly during the stakeholder and construction phases to ensure long term value.

A present critical point is to ensure we prepare for not only for current technology but also the procurement of new turbines.

Offshore wind is essential to produce green hydrogen as its daily generation profile matches well with solar and other renewable options.