pCAM: A game changer for battery production

29 Aug 2022
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pCAM: A game changer for battery production

29 Aug 2022
About the speaker
  • Marie Cyprien
    Marie Cyprien
    COO, Pure Battery Technologies at Pure Battery Technologies
    With over 15 years experience in senior leadership and technical roles in many facets of the mining and energy industries, I thrive on solving new complex challenges and thinking outside the box to deliver the best solutions timely. A strong believer of ""culture drives performance"", I always aim to foster an inclusive and collaborative high performing culture amongst the wider teams I manage or work in, with particular attentions to everyone's needs, from team members to customers.

Key takeaways

The Western Australian pCAM hub will produce 50,000 tons of pCAM material by 2050, powering half a million electric vehicles and battery production.

Infrastructure development is a significant challenge for the growing battery industry in Australia, requiring swift action amidst labor and resource shortages.

The battery industry's current phase of innovation and growth presents an excellent opportunity for graduates to enter the field.