Phil O'Sullivan on good clinical governance and AI in health

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Phil O'Sullivan on good clinical governance and AI in health

About the speaker
  • Phil O'Sullivan
    Phil O'Sullivan
    Partner at Allens
    Phil is the Health Sector Leader at Allens, and specialises in health regulatory, technology, data and privacy matters acting for both commercial and government clients (including AstraZeneca, Gilead, Health Match, Aurora Healthcare, Pi Health and Heidi Health). Phil brings health tech, digital and data transformation and health regulatory expertise, and applies his previous working experience as a senior executive at the Australian Medical Council (3 years). Phil also works closely with start-ups and scale-ups across intellectual property, data governance and use, corporate law, fundraising and other issues that affect emerging companies.

Key takeaways

Establishing effective data governance is essential for framing use cases, understanding regulations, and ensuring responsible data utilization.

Continuous data validation and monitoring are essential for healthcare data integrity.

Customizing governance maximizes healthcare data project success.