Powering the Next Generation of Market Transformation: Green Building, ESG, and Sustainable Finance

29 Sep 2023
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Powering the Next Generation of Market Transformation: Green Building, ESG, and Sustainable Finance

Powering the Next Generation of Market Transformation: Green Building, ESG, and Sustainable Finance

29 Sep 2023
About the speakers
  • Dan	Winters
    Dan Winters
    Senior Director at GRESB
    Dan is responsible for increasing GRESB’s international scope and impact by engaging institutional investors; expanding GRESB participation among private equity firms, multi-national lenders and REITs; establishing industry partnerships; and driving capital market demand for ESG data. As a representative of GRESB based in the Americas region, Dan covers multiple roles including accelerating market adoption for ESG data; acquiring new GRESB investor members; promoting increased GRESB participation; fulfilling North American speaking engagements; and developing new capital market / product opportunities. He previously served the U.S. Green Building Council as Senior Fellow for Business Strategy and Finance by providing leadership on a range of topics including green bond underwriting guidelines, asset valuation, lender underwriting, business metrics, and capital market dynamics driving LEED adoption. Additional professional experience includes tenures at Russell Real Estate and CBRE along with participation in several start-up technology companies.
  • Chris Pyke
    Chris Pyke
    Senior Vice President at U.S. Green Building Council
    Chris Pyke has been active in the green building industry since 2002: * Global leader in sustainability and ESG with >15 years of professional experience in industry, government, and non-profit organizations. Passionate creator of data-driven sustainability products and services including experience developing and operating Arc Skoru, Aclima, GRESB, and GBIG. * Urban planner and quantitative geographer with training and experience applying advanced geospatial tools and information technology. Thought leader and researcher on sustainability issues, including decarbonization, resilience, climate risk, biodiversity, health, supply chains, and more. * International connector and collaborator with a demonstrated track record of creating public, private, and governmental partnerships to address sustainability issues, such as health promotion, climate risk, and supply chain management. * Effective communicator, reflected in more than 75 technical publications and 20+ advisory roles, including supporting the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Jorge Chapa Montemayor
    Jorge Chapa Montemayor
    Chief Impact Officer at Green Building Council of Australia
    As the Chief Impact Officer at GBCA, I ensure GBCA’s strategic priorities, partnerships, and product and services deliver healthier, more resilient, and positive places for people and nature. I chair WorldGBC’s Global Commitment for Net Zero Carbon Buildings Taskforce and WorldGBC’s ESG working group. I'm also a member of Climate Bond Initiative’s Low Carbon Buildings Technical Working Group, GRESB’s Real Estate Standards Committee, Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor’s Global Industry Committee, and the Australian Sustainable Finance Initiative’s Technical Working Group. I co-authored GBCA's ‘A Climate Positive Roadmap’ for buildings and precincts, which set out targets to decarbonise the built environment as well as ‘Building with Nature’, which set out a path to bring nature back into our cities. I also helped develop WorldGBC’s ‘From Thousands to Billions: Coordinated Action towards 100% Net Zero Carbon Buildings by 2050’ and ‘Bringing embodied carbon upfront’.

Key takeaways

- Review changing expectations for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting for real asset companies.

- Compare the features and requirements of green building rating systems and ESG reporting frameworks.

- Understand the contribution of green building to company-level ESG reporting, including certifications, ratings, risk assessments, and surveys.

- Consider future scenarios for the integration of green building and ESG to support the “next generation” of sustainable finance.